LemonCoco bombons

LemonCoco bombons: vegandessert.net’s new recipe gluten free, soy free, refined sugar free, alcohol free and cocoa free. Easy to make and pleasant flavor, are the main features of these bonbons that will fascinate you and your friends.

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Chocococo &…

Chocococo &: the new vegandessert.net’s recipe is a meeting between chocolate and coco, made more intriguing by an unespected ingredient that gives to the cake a pleasant texture.

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Chestnut cake

Ingredients: Chestnut flour 150 g Flour 150 g Sugar 150 g Baking powder 2 t.s Vegetable milk 35 cl Margarine 50 g Mixed dried fruit 100 g Dark chocolate 150 g Hazelnut liqueur or rhum 4 cl Kitchen tools: Sieve Bol Rubber spatula Knife Saucepan Cake pan Parchment paper...

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