Ingredients: for the paste:
Pitted dates 500 g
Toasted hazelnuts 250 g
unsw. cocoa 100 g
Water 33 cl
Rum 4 cl
for finishing:
raisins 100 g
Toasted hazelnuts 100 g
ground cinnamon
Kitchen tools:
Food processor
2 tablespoons
Aluminum foil
In a food processor, pulse 250 g toasted hazelnuts to flour. Add cocoa and mix well.
Pour water, rhum and dates and process until thick and creamy.
Move to a bowl and stir raisins and the 100 g whole hazelnuts mixing with a rubber spatula.
Sift cinnamon on the aluminium foil.
Pour the mix using the spoons and cover with more cinnamon.
Roll in the aluminium foil in cilindric shape.
Freeze it for at least 4 hours.
Serve frozen and sliced.